Personality test

This is a home-made computer version (written in java) of a famous psychological personality test. While it is a real test, versions of which are used in psychology, all such tests can only be carried out by trained professionals. So do not take the results too seriously.

There are 60 questions for you to answer. You will be presented with 60 statements, and you have to say how much you agree or disagree with each.

Do the test for Christopher, the hero of A Curios Incident. Write down which questions you found hard to answer. (The more such questions there are, the less you seem to know about the character. This may be because he is a two-dimensional character. Other possible explanations come to mind, too.)

Write down the results. Compare them with what you expected (last lesson!). Be prepared to explain in connected English what you have found. The longer and the more connected you talk, the better for you.

Details about this on Wikipedia

If there is time, find examples (from the text) for the questions: What makes you think, for example, that Christophher agrees very strongly with question 1? And question 2, 3, 4, and so on? This will be your homework!