Where I see myself in 12 years

Where do you see yourself in 12 years (if everything goes well)? Don’t just write what you want to be, but describe your place of work, what you are doing, whether you have a computer or a secretary, a cup of coffee on your desk, and so on.

I see myself sitting in a huge room with big windows. You have a beautiful view above Manhattan. On the walls there are several pictures of celebrities who support my foundation. On my desk, there are hundreds of letters from people who want to apply. The majority is between 16 and 24, but there are always some 12-year-olds, who think I will publish everyones story without reading it. But I’ve never published anything that isn’t good enough for the majority of readers.
But still, there are often amazing and very interesting stories, for example written by youth from other countries. Especially stories from people who grew up during a war are usually gripping and of course realistic. Sometimes the writers don’t have a change to publish their book by themselves, this may be because of a war or because the government forbade books that may tell the truth about the political situation which might change some attitudes towards the government. So the writers send their stories to me and I read every single one and then I decide if the people want to read it. But actually, I publish almost everything except when the story is really bad, that means when there’s no single sentence about feelings or thoughts. If anyone you want to improve his abilities, you can visit the foundation’s summercamp. It’s always very interesting because we have always interesting guests who tell about how they write. They may be writers from the foundation, from newspapers or playwriters. Also, there are many writing practices and the participants usually enjoy themselves, At the end of the camp, everyone gets a little book with stories from the group, then there’s a huge party and sometimes at least one of our famous supporter appears to talk with the participants and to give autographs. Some of the first youth who took part in this program have already published their first books without my foundation, but sometimes I find a little “thank you” in their book and that’s always a fantastic feeling.
(Nina, 9. Klasse Gymnasium)

338 Wörter, 1 1/2 Seiten im Heft (groß), 45 Zeilen; 45 Minuten zu Hause für die Hausaufgabe (einschließlich Ablenkungen). Soviel Zeit und soviel Zeilen hätten es gar nicht sein müssen, aber die Schülerin hat sichtlich gerne an ihrem Text gearbeitet. Text ist unverbessert im Originalzustand, Fehler sind lediglich rot markiert.

5 Antworten auf „Where I see myself in 12 years“

  1. Nur interessehalber: Kommt es von einer Schülerin mit erster Fremdsprache Englisch oder mit zweiter Fremdsprache Englisch? (also 5. oder 3. Lehrjahr)

    Ist wirklich gut :)

  2. Pfff… wenn ich ehrlich wäre, würde müsste ich zugeben, dass ich mich wahrscheinlich schwerer tun würde, aus dem Stegreif einen englischen Text zu schreiben als die Schülerin, obwohl ich durchs Studium teilweise wirklich harte englische Brocken lesen und verstehen muss.

  3. Was versteht ihr denn unter ‘5. Klasse’? wieder diese komische altertümliche Gymnasiasten-Einteilung, die selbst dieselbigen nicht verstehen? 10. Klasse Gym oder was?

    Immer dieses dumme Verwirrspiel.
    cu, w0“der jetzt zum ZA muss“lf.

  4. Nein, nein, das mit der Oberprima und so verstehe ich selbst nicht mehr. Gemeint war: Englisch ab der 5. Klasse, also in der 9. Klasse dann im 5. Lernjahr. (Im Gegensatz zu Englisch als zweiter Fremdsprache, mit Englisch ab der 7. Klasse, also in der 9. im 3. Lernjahr.)

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