Poo on the shoe (More on The Giggler Treatment)

In Roddy Doyle, The Giggler Treatment, there is a race of small, almost invisible beings who have followed mankind since caveman times. Their task in life is to make life hard for adults who have been unfair to children. What they usually do is put a huge, smelly pile of dog poo right in front of the offending adult, so that he or she steps right in it.

My pupils (6. Klasse) have drawn up a list of offences that deserve the Giggler Treatment:

Grownups deserve to get poo on the shoe if…

  1. they frighten a child and then laugh about it.
  2. they trip a child so that the child flies into something.
  3. they burp and they blame the child.
  4. they promise that the child gets something and then he doesn’t get it.
  5. teachers think that pupils look at their neighbour at a test and they give them a bad grade.
  6. the children don’t get any sweets from their parents.
  7. the children shot the ball into a flowerbed.
  8. the parents said the children must clean the floor when they’re lying in their bed and read a book.
  9. they don’t pick up their rubbish and say to other people: “That’s the children’s rubbish.”
  10. they say to the children: “Say hello to me if you see me,” and then the children say “Hello” but the grownups don’t say “Hello”
  11. the teacher gives the children a lot of homework on a sunny and warm day.
  12. they do spring cleaning and let the children clean the toilet and they clean only the window.
  13. the parents hurt something and say their child hurt this.
  14. they tell them they aren’t allowed to watch TV.
  15. teachers write tests in the last lesson.
  16. they tell them they aren’t allowed to play football in the evening.
  17. they take the free time of the children away.
  18. they say always it’s too dangerous, so the children can’t do anything and have no fun.
  19. they don’t like children and always make life hard for them.
  20. they dont give their child a present on the child’s birthday.
  21. the parents don’t give pocket money to the children.
  22. they don’t give us more to play with the computer.
  23. they say you must cut your hair.
  24. they put them in the French lesson.
  25. the teacher writes a difficult test and gives it back on the next day.
  26. you come home too late and they say that you must go to sleep without lunch.

(I think my favourite is no. 12.)

Eine Antwort auf „Poo on the shoe (More on The Giggler Treatment)“

  1. Last words on the Giggler Treatment:

    The final chapter of the book “isn’t really a chapter because the story ended at the end of the last chapter”. Instead, it is a list of messages, because “all good stories have messages, and this story has loads of them”. These messages include, for example, number 7: If your name is Lasse and you live in Galway, Rover says hi.

    My pupils have made a list of even more messages that can be found in the book. Some of them will only make sense if you know the book:

    • When you are biscuit-tester, then don’t eat Cream-Crackers. Call in sick when you have to test them. The dreams from the Cream-Crackers aren’t nice, they’re bad.
    • You mustn’t be mean to your children if you don’t want to get poo on the shoe.
    • For children: Don’t throw a ball at a window! It makes much trouble!
    • If your dog makes poo on the street and it isn’t there next morning, the Gigglers took it with them.
    • If you meet Rover you always must be nice.
    • If you see a Giggler, there must be something purple.
    • You must buy a purple car if you want to see the Gigglers.
    • Look at your dog’s favourite places. Is any money there?
    • If you’re the seagull you have to knoe that in the sea are many fishes, too.
    • If you’ve got a dog at home, your parents must be nice to him, so he doesn’t give the Gigglers poo.
    • If you see a Giggler you know there is something purple near.

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